A question that we often get asked is, “will building a swimming pool add value to my home?” and there really is no right answer here. There are a few things that need to be taken into account, like, average property values in the area, LSM of the average buyer in the area, size of the property and a few others as well.

The main thing to bear in mind when building a swimming pool is the value you will get from it personally. If you have a young family, a swimming pool’s value is the enjoyment that you and your children derive from it. The cost of owning a swimming pool is becoming very expensive in an environment of rising water costs. Look at an investment in a swimming pool primarily as a source of enjoyment and entertainment. You will have many good memories, photographs and listen to the laughter of your children playing in the swimming pool… These are priceless.

If you think that by building a swimming pool you are going to sell your property at a higher price in the short term, you would be wise to consider one of the many proven strategies to add value to your home before selling.

A swimming pool also needs to be very carefully thought through. How big do you make the swimming pool, how deep and of course the shape of the swimming pool is extremely important and should be in keeping with the overall style of your home. I have been to many homes where the swimming pool is beautiful on it’s own but when looked at in conjunction with the style of the home, almost looks like it is from a different era and has fallen from the sky.

In short, building a swimming pool is not a simple matter of looking through a catalog of smimming pool designs and pointing at one that everyone in the family like. Get a professional opinion from the pool sales company who should have a landscaper or landscape architect on their staff.

There are a few hidden costs when you build a swimming pool whether you build it using a second bond or cash and that is your electricity bill will go up quite significantly, your water bill will go up and of course your bond insurance will also increase.