Find Bond is a South African bond information provider whose purpose it is to assist prospective bond applicants in the successful bond application process.

There are numerous bond originators in the market place today and the selection of reliable and efficient bond originators is as important as preparing your documentation correctly. The success or failure of a bond application hinges not only on your ability to repay the loan or your past credit history, but on the application itself and the company or individual you have chosen to represent you to the banks.

Bond originators are your representatives and while they enjoy certain leverage with the banks due to the volumes of business they put through, it is important to determine their success rate. The last thing you want is a bond originator that returns to you time and again requesting additional information.

A good, successful bond originator will advise you and help you to collect all of the required information required for your application and advise you how to check your credit profile prior to your application giving you time and the resources required to deal with any negative issues that may appear on your credit profile.