easy value add home maintenanceTo build and renovate your home can be costly most often people use their home loan to cover their renovation costs.  To take out a home loan for renovations will add value to your home in the long run.  Listed are 5 easy tips to increase the value of your home.

  • Renovations to the exterior of your property: A good impression of your property starts on the outside. Ensure to paint your house and maintain the exterior; old gutters and pipes can detract from the value of your property.  Maintain and invest in your garden, a well groomed garden can be a good selling point.  The key to renovating your property is to make it inviting and appealing to potential purchasers should you decide to sell.
  • Interior renovations: Examine every room in your home; a fresh coat of paint can uplift the entire interior.  Kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas can benefit from renovations.  Replace old flooring, update kitchen furniture, add paint to bathrooms, and check fixtures and fittings in all rooms.
  • Plan ahead: Unused items should be discarded or sold. Prepare your property in the event that you should sell it one day.  Regular maintenance to the interior and exterior of your home is beneficial to the quality and value of your property.
  • Property valuation: After renovating the exterior and interior of your property and after you have removed unwanted items from your home. You can ask a real estate agency to evaluate your property.  Build and renovate your property to increase the re-sale value of your home.
  • Property auction:  Should you decide to sell your property without the hassle and a long waiting period consider property auction.  Auctioneers can give you a realistic market value of your property.  A list of potential purchasers will view your property; thereafter an auction will take place.  Property auctions are in the seller’s best interest as there is no requirement to negotiate on the asking price.

To build and renovate your home by making small changes can add value to your property.  Bond applications are available from Findbond.co.za.  To take out a home loan to cover home renovations is worth your while in the long run. Conducting property valuation before and after renovating your home will reveal an increase in property value.  To take out a home loan for renovations will increase the worth of your property and you will attain a return on investment.