A swimming pool solar heating system allows you to enjoy your swimming pool all year round, providing beautifully warm water at almost zero cost after installation and without putting any strain on the electricity grid.

Solar heating system for pools are vary quite significantly and of course the most important aspect is the longevity of the pool solar water heating system. All to often the cheapest system is not the most effective in the long run but it is still important to do the calculations on a cost per year basis. It is very important to take a look at the solar system warranty and exactly what it covers.

solar pool heating systemOne of the aspects that few include in their calculations is the extended use of the swimming pool due to the higher temperature as a result of having the pool solar heating system. You are likely to get as much as 40% more usage of your swimming pool after installing a solar heating system for your swimming pool.

Of all of the alternative swimming pool heating systems, Solar pool heating is by far the most cost effective and reliable. Installation and maintenance of a solar pool heater is very low comparatively with the long term maintenance being very simple and low cost.

solar heating panels

Fortunately for South African’s, we enjoy a very moderate and sunny climate which, when combined with the effectiveness of today’s photo voltaic cells, sees solar pool heater customers enjoying warm water all year round, and yes that includes June/July and August. A solar pool heater uses solar panels that are extremely effective at capturing even the lowest level of sunlight and converting it to energy.

When considering a solar heating system for your pool please scrutinize the solar panel warranty and the manufacturers warranty. The cost to replace solar panels and cracked pipes are the main maintenance costs associated with owning a pool heating system. Most systems available from suppliers who have been in business for over 10 years are very reliable, the warranty is good and can be claimed on and the pipes and panels for the solar heating system have been rigerously tested for the South African climate.