Luxurious as a bath is, a shower is always handy for those refreshing wake up morning showers, or if you are in a hurry and dont have the time to sink deep into a bath filled with bubbles.  Here we will show you step by step how to install a glass screen next to the bath.  This way you will have the benefit of both bath and shower without having to use extra space.

What you will need

All items are available at your larger building supply/plumbing supply stores.

Glass Screen

Adhesive (No more nails)

Wall plugs and screws

Wooden batten


You will need to fix a wooden batten to the wall if your tiles do not go up to the roof.  The batten must be the same thickness of the tiles, and the width must be the same as the glass screen.

Once you have determined where the batten must be fixed to the wall, mark on the wall where it must go.  You have to make sure that the batten is level.  Drill corresponding holes into the batten and in the wall. Insert plugs into the holes.  Now apply no more nails adhesive to the back of the batten.  Next fix the batten to the wall using wall screws.

Put the fitting against the wall next to the batten and determine where the holes must be drilled through the batten and into the wall.  Next drill the holes and put plugs into the holes.  Apply the adhesive to the back of the fitting.  Position the fitting and then screw it to the wall.

Lastly attach the glass screen to the fitting as per the products specifications.

Please note that you will need to install a shower head and fittings for the shower which you can call a local plumber to do.