Need a new kitchen but the cost of the completely new kitchen cupboards and appliances has you needing a second bond?

Consider replacing the kitchen cupboard doors to upgrade your kitchen to an entirely new room. Kitchen cupboards are all standard sizes and whether you want something clean and white or colourful and retro, replacing you kitchen cupboard doors costs a fraction of a kitchen renovation and gives it a fresh new look. The options are virtually endless with very reasonably priced doors available in melamine, formica, wood or vinyl. There is a finish and color to suit anyones taste and style.

Renovating your kitchen can cost many 100’s of thousands of Rands for a custom designed kitchen to a few thousand rand for a clever kitchen cupboard renovation and a serious clean. It is easy to get carried away when renovating, so be sure to evaluate not only the affordability of the exercise but the value it will add to your home once completed. Simply spending R300 000 on a new kitchen does not mean it will add the same amount to the value of your home.

The beauty of changing you kitchen cupboard doors is that you can do it by yourself. In most cases you will not need to buy new hinges, simply remove the old hinges and screw them into the new doors. It is recommended that you take one door with it’s hinges on to the suppliers and ask the new door supplier to drill the holes for you. This will be a very simple exercise done at the factory and all you need do is remove and replace. Don’t ask them to drill the handle holes unless you have chosen the handles already and are 100% sure that these are the ones you want.

We recommend that you first put on the doors, paint the walls or clean up the tiles, choose new blinds and then choose you door handles, you will be amazed at how many times you will change your mind. The finishing touches make all the difference. Any renovation needs to be planned well for it to be a success. Take a good hard look at everything in your kitchen and ask yourself honestly if you are prepared to keep any of the items including the tiles and flooring. Then start costing your project by getting a quote from an installer, listening to his suggestions and considering his price. Cost your own renovation from there and weigh it up.