Spring and summer are the best times to put your house on show for the simple reason that your garden will be at it’s best and gives the prospective purchasers a view of your property at it’s best. You won’t need a landscaper or gardening professional to dramatically improve the view and purchaser experience.

If you have followed some of the other simple ideas like dealing with windows, bathrooms and home styling to prepare your home for a show day, your home is looking clean, inviting and fabulous. Now take a little time to look at your garden, taking special note of things that can be easily and inexpensively dealt with to make it a show garden.

Here are the things to look at.

Grass colour
Ensure that you give your lawn plenty of water at least a week before you go on show to get it as green as possible.

Neat lawn
Cut the grass the day before the show day and give the flower bed edges a cut to give it a sculpted, clean and neat look. (make sure there is no litter or dog poo on the lawn)

Turn the soil
Take a ofrk and turn the soil to soften the flower beds and give the garden a well tended and lovingly cared for look.

Split the clumps of plants
Inevitably, there are areas of your garden that have more plants than others, a simple and inexpensive way to fill out yoiur garden is to split up the plants and plant them in bare areas. (Do this at least a week before you go on show)

Dead leaves
Remove all the dead leaves and flowers from the plants exposing the lush green of the leaves.

Creepers and climbing plants
Creepers can tend to get out of hand a simple clip here and there to neaten them up does wonders for any garden. If you have a trellis, thread the tendrils into the trellis and train it into a neat shape.

Clean up between paving stones, cut the grass if any, replace dirty pebbles, straighten and level the paving stones and generally make it as inviting as possible.

If your garden is lacking in colour, go on over to the nursery and purchase a few trays of seedlings that are about to flower. They are very inexpensive and provide a welcoming burst of colour to areas of the garden that are immediately visible from the feature areas.

In essence, walk the path that the visitors to the show house will walk, look around you and nmake each and every part of the garden that you see as beautiful as possible.

Walk into the rooms and look out of the windows, place flowers in the areas that meet your eye. These are just a few ideas to get you going, use common sense and follow your eye, look critically at every view and be honest with yourself. You don’t need to be a landscape gardener to improve your garden, simply neaten it up and use the best aspects that it has to offer when presenting it to people.

Doing a few simple things like cutting the lawn, watering the lawn and turning the soil in the flower beds can mean the difference between receiving an offer that is close to your expectations or not receiving an offer at all.