Renovating bathrooms and kitchens are notoriously expensive and in more cases than not, the cost of the renovation does not add the same value to your home. That of course is assuming that wish to achieve the same or similar capital appreciation from the renovation. Many people simply want a brand new bathroom to indule their senses in and have regard for the cost.

Here are a few great tips to improving your bathroom without the cost of a full bathroom renovation but still achieving a clean, new looking bathroom that adds value to your home. If you are considering selling your home, a minor renovation of the bathrooms and the kitchen at a minimal cost are highly recommended providing you stick with neutral colours.

Replacing your bathroom taps to modern stylish tap designs makes a huge difference to the look and feel of the bathroom. If your bathroom walls are tiled, clean the grout or replace it with fresh new grout. Then take a look at the window coverings, remove the old and replace with new blinds, silver or natural wood blinds make a massive difference to the entire look of the bathroom.

Having said this, if your bathroom fittings are chipped, cracked or any colour other than white, I am afraid they have to come out and be replaced with new bathroom fittings. Modernizing your bathroom can be a costly exercise, however this is one area where you do not want to skimp too much. Hygienic looking bathrooms that have a modern feel have been known to swing a deal on a home. These 2 bathrooms are very good examples of the types of bathrooms that sell houses.

Both are clean and fairly stark with modern fitting and taps. Never ever use carpets in a bathroom, they breed germs and anu prospective buyer will put replacement of a kitchen carpet as a first priority if they buy the home.

What you really want to achieve with renovating your bathroom if you are selling, is to make it attractive and leave nothing for the new owner to have to do immediately.