Whether you are a first time home buyer or seeking bond finance to improve your home, using a bond originator for pre-approval is an important first step in the application process. Have you made an offer on your dream home and need the best possible rate to reduce your monthly payments? Enter the bond originator.

The mortgage bond market is very competitive with banks competing for the business by offering reduced costs and below prime interest rates to those bond applicants that are potential low risk customers. It is simply not the case in today’s business environment that your current bank will offer you the best rate and it makes sense to have your bank compete for your continued business, doesn’t it.

Bond originators prepare the bond application documents and submit them to many banks at the same time, giving them an opportunity to offer you a favourable rate and cost structure. In many instances the banks will discount their administration and registration fees in order to get your business and if you use their own attorneys to attend to the bond registration, will negotiate the fees on your behalf.

Lending money is what banks do and the more favourable your risk profile the better the offer to lend will be. It is in this area that using a bond originator is particularly helpful. Bond originators deal with the banks on a daily basis, are familiar with the application process and all of the documentation required, the processes to follow and the proof to supply to the approval committees in order to achieve bond approval.

Don’t leave your application to chance and don’t assume that your loyalty to a bank will ensure you the best interest rate, let your bank show you how much they value you as a client or simply select the bank that offers you the best deal. Your bond originator is your negotiator, let us do the work to ensure you get the best possible deal.