Styling your home for showday, tips and tricks

Styling your home for showday, tips and tricks

Showing your property is not simply moving out for a few hours and hoping the estate agent is going to make magic, you need to prepare for it. You want to sell your home, show it in the best light possible without spending a lot of money.

Her are a few really handy things to do that will make those entering your home feel more enclined to make an offer.

Place a bowl of fresh green apples in a bowl near the entrance or on the kitchen counter.You have probably received scented candles as gifts that are sitting in a cupboard, get them out and make a candle display.

The scents you are looking for are fresh citrus and cinnamon or vanilla. These are homely comforting scents.

Get out your best crystal and display it neatly in your kitchen cupboards. A well looked after home makes a good impression.

  1. Shine you taps and bathroom fittings
  2. Clean any visible appliances very well.
  3. Place an unopened sachet of baby smelling fabric softener in the cupboards, who can resist the smell of babies!
  4. Vacuum you carpets with a scented conditioner.
  5. Give your furniture the once over with the vacuum and pretty up with cushions.
  6. Cut the lawn and remove any dead leaves from plants in the garden.
  7. Clean the swimming pool and brush the paving.
  8. Never leave any clothing or toys lying around.
  9. Borrow furniture or cushions from friends to make it more homely.

If you have any visble cracks or damp areas on walls or ceilings, you are going to need to spend a little cash to fix them. A fresh, clean, neutral wall colour goes a long way to catering for anyones tastes.

  1. Fix any cracks and paint the whole wall, not necessarily the whole room, but the whole wall.
  2. Clean the skirtings and paint if necessary
  3. If you have stains on your carpets, get them cleaned or cover with a simple rug.
  4. Clean or paint the ceilings. It’s amazing, but every person who enters a house looks up!
  5. If your garden hasn’t seen much attention for ages, go out and buy a few colourful and green plants.

The aim here is to spend as little as possible to make your home as welcoming as possible and to present it in a way that shows off all of the best attributes of your home. Most of these suggestions take a little time and very little money but will make a whole lot of difference in the final sale price that you achieve. Showing your house as a clean, well kept and much loved home will do wonders for the prospective buyers of your home so give the estate agent something to work with. The Estate agent has to spend hours in your home and the more he likes it, the better the chances are of him concluding a sale on your behalf.