Easy ways to add value to your home before selling

Easy ways to add value to your home before selling

easy value add home maintenanceTo build and renovate your home can be costly most often people use their home loan to cover their renovation costs.  To take out a home loan for renovations will add value to your home in the long run.  Listed are 5 easy tips to increase the value of your home.

  • Renovations to the exterior of your property: A good impression of your property starts on the outside. Ensure to paint your house and maintain the exterior; old gutters and pipes can detract from the value of your property.  Maintain and invest in your garden, a well groomed garden can be a good selling point.  The key to renovating your property is to make it inviting and appealing to potential purchasers should you decide to sell.
  • Interior renovations: Examine every room in your home; a fresh coat of paint can uplift the entire interior.  Kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas can benefit from renovations.  Replace old flooring, update kitchen furniture, add paint to bathrooms, and check fixtures and fittings in all rooms.
  • Plan ahead: Unused items should be discarded or sold. Prepare your property in the event that you should sell it one day.  Regular maintenance to the interior and exterior of your home is beneficial to the quality and value of your property.
  • Property valuation: After renovating the exterior and interior of your property and after you have removed unwanted items from your home. You can ask a real estate agency to evaluate your property.  Build and renovate your property to increase the re-sale value of your home.
  • Property auction:  Should you decide to sell your property without the hassle and a long waiting period consider property auction.  Auctioneers can give you a realistic market value of your property.  A list of potential purchasers will view your property; thereafter an auction will take place.  Property auctions are in the seller’s best interest as there is no requirement to negotiate on the asking price.

To build and renovate your home by making small changes can add value to your property.  Bond applications are available from Findbond.co.za.  To take out a home loan to cover home renovations is worth your while in the long run. Conducting property valuation before and after renovating your home will reveal an increase in property value.  To take out a home loan for renovations will increase the worth of your property and you will attain a return on investment.

Useful tips for building or renovating your home

Useful tips for building or renovating your home

Renovating or building a home can be expensive and frustrating; in order to make your home make-over a success you are going to need the help of experts in a number of fields which may include civil engineers, roofing contractors, plumbing contractors or any number of other disciplines depending on the project. Here are some points to consider before you go ahead and put a cost on a project and decide whether do do it with cash, draw from your access bond or to get a second bond:

  1. Time and money: Often people have an unrealistic idea as to how long renovations would take. Often it takes a lot longer than expected.  Factors such as the weather, public holidays, availability of workers and material can put a hold on your renovations or build.  So to be sure add an additional few months onto your expected completion as it will work in your favour. Depending on what changes you would like to make to your home; you need to start off with what you can actually afford to do.  So starting off with a budget is a definite must in this case as it is easy to overspend.  Should you require extra funds you can use your home loan to extend your bond or take money out of your bond in order to cover the costs.  Even so there is only so much money you can use from your bond.  Should you require a bond companies such as Findbond will be able to assist you.
  2. Project Managers: Options such as DIY are cheaper but if you want your renovations to take place and be successful it is always a good idea to hire the correct people to do the job.  Project Managers are difficult to source or should I say professional and competent Project Managers.  It is important to use people who have been recommended. As word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool using it to find the right person to assist you with your renovations is imperative and will ultimately lead to a successful renovation or build of your home.
  3. Reliable, cost effective builders with professional workmanship: Another reason to employ a Project Manager is for good contacts and professional workers.  As Project Managers can advise you on renovating or building your home they also have contact with builders, plumbers, electricians and painters.  Should you choose a reputable Project Manager it often means that they have professional contacts that can offer you quality and satisfactory work.  You should not try to hire cost effective workers and use cheap material to get the job done as you are very likely to have problems in the long run.
  4. Plan B: Once you have discussed all of your wants and desires with your Project Manager ensure that you have extra money aside just in case something does go wrong.  Should you want to extend your wall for example or build another level onto your house you need certain building requirements which is when an architect would need to step in.  This means that it will cost money to draw up plans and meet with council etc.  You should always do research and cost analysis before you commence alterations to your building.
  5. Noise and invasion of privacy: Renovating often means taking out carpets and replacing them with tiles for example so it is just as invasive as building.  You will have workers and builders walking through your home. Therefore you might consider moving out of your home while you renovate. As many people cannot afford to do this you can always use your bond or extend your home loan in order to receive more funds to rent an apartment while your home is being remodelled.

Renovating or building your home can be a lengthy procedure depending on the extent of which you want to alter your living space. Therefore using your bond or applying for an extra bond can assist you in the interim and in the long run. Remodelling your home adds to the value of your home; it is well worth the hassle.

Kitchen and bathroom designers can save you money

Kitchen and bathroom designers can save you money

Innovative solutions and designer expertise are key ingredients in making your bathroom or kitchen renovation project a design masterpiece instead of a regular living space.

Should you choose to alter your living you will want expert advice from an interior designer or decorator, it’s incredible how good design can transform a space into a space that allows easy living. From your kitchen to your bathroom a talented team can help you with all your home renovating requirements.

One of a kind companies work with you by taking your ideas and moulding them into functional and aesthetically pleasing works of art. Your choice to redesign your kitchen or bathroom can be done without breaking the bank and making use of the latest materials from eco friendly and light materials to recycled energy efficient materials to maximise space and conserve energy.

Custom made products are generally conservative but trendy and modern in style. By incorporating state of the art technology you will experience your new kitchen, bathroom or study first hand through high-tech graphic design packages that allow you to see the end product first hand.

Experienced installation teams provide you with excellent customer service. Designer kitchens ensure that from the point of manufacture to the point of installation that all of your needs and requirements are met to enjoy a sophisticated and glamorous living space.

Creative insight and organisational skills separates good kitchen and bathroom designers from their rivals. The last thing you want when redesigning your kitchen or bathroom is the frustration of a job done poorly. Make sure that the kitchen or bathroom designers and constructors have a proven track record with contactable references.

Building or renovating your home is a small step away from realising your dream so don’t leave your renovation in the hands of incompetent or designers that lack the vision and experience to transform your space into a dream space that suits your needs within your budget.

Custom made cupboards add class and sophistication to your home. Choosing your wood and the finishing touches is in your control with good designers offering you the choice of fittings and fixtures from numerous suppliers that will fit your budget and style.

Countertops, like granite or composite materials can offer your kitchen and bathroom renovation an elegance and style without costing a fortune so be sure you have all of the latest and innovative countertops to select from. Very often recycled products offer not only beautiful design and elegance but cost effective solutions/

Building and renovating your own living space can be challenging but if you have the idea then specialised companies will make your dreams come true. To offer you top of the range appliances to match your new living space designers should include Miele, Bosch appliances, Gaggenau and Whirlpool. It’s all in a days work and with the correct support and professionalism you can fulfil your heart’s desire! Start today and create your ultimate dream house, make it a reality.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Renovating a kitchen can transform your home into a modern, stylish masterpiece that adds tremendous value to your home and it may be well worth your while, particularly if your home is older than 15 years, to knock out a wall or two to make your kitchen a part of your entertaining area.

Walls create passages and limit space but by selecting your kitchen cabinets, sink area, flooring and tiling carefully you can enhance your entire home while improving your kitchen and living spaces. Kitchens are integral parts of the home and a good kitchen design idea is to add artwork to your kitchen walls or adjoining walls to bring your kitchen into the room like this very good example of a modern and very stylish kitchen.

art in the kitchenNote the use of downlighters in a different colour to add a nice artistic flair to the kitchen. Here the art and lamp on the counter allows the counter top to be used as a workspace or eating area. Kitchen ideas that make the best use of available space are all the rage right now as homes become smaller and demand the efficient use of space. Many people are concerned about the food smells that will permeate the home but this is very effectively dealt with using new technology extractor fans that are both silent and extremely effective.

This kitchen is a very good example of a design that maximizes space and at the same time adds value to a home. The simple use of very modern styled chairs and artwork make the kitchen a place we want to spend more time.

Sariga have produced something quite extraordinary in this example of modern contemporary kitchen design and the idea of using luxurious chairs and a mirror collections speaks volumes for the kitchen design ideas that come out of Sariga

The use of brushed stainless steel, gloss white and modern kitchen appliances with a beautiful natural curve make this kitchen design idea one of the best we have seen to date.