Home improvement ideas for kitchens and bathrooms

Home improvement ideas for kitchens and bathrooms

Renovating your living space is a daunting thought and it requires effort and commitment to execute your plan! As the kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home; one needs to carefully consider how one is going to renovate one’s kitchen.
Here are some hints and ideas to accomplish your dream kitchen:
  • As your kitchen is utilised for your family and preparing homely meals; it is also an area that can be utilised for entertaining your guests! Therefore the space should cater for family as well as guests. This means that you would require a functional yet aesthetically pleasing kitchen.
  • What are the current issues in the kitchen? Maybe there isn’t enough space, there flow is limited, and maybe colour and texture of cupboards, counters, flooring and lighting need examining. Upgrading your appliances will give your kitchen an instant face lift!
  • From a technical point of view a triangle is a seven meter distance  from sink, stove and fridge. If you have an expert designing your kitchen then they will know what to consider.
  • Choosing what shaped kitchen to install requires thought and planning and using affordable but reliable material can provide you with a kitchen that will last a lifetime.
By creating your kitchen it should express your taste and your personality. Working with an experienced designer can fulfil your desires.
Renovating ideas for your bathroom:
  • Bathrooms are considered to be a space for you to relax and unwind after a stressful day! So the point of renovating your bathroom would be to create a space that can fulfil your needs.
  • Design, functionality and flow are key factors in designing any living space. Your bathroom requires careful planning. Here are some points to consider when creating your ideal bathroom:
  • Take into consideration the problem areas in the bathroom.  Remember that flooring, lighting and colour can make a significant difference to your space.
  • As you already have an existing bathroom and you require a few adjustments; it is advisable not to change the plumbing and electricals. Should you want to rearrange the electrical and plumbing then use an experienced electrician and plumber. Let their professional opinion guide you in making a decision
  • As you recreate your bathroom make sure that you check for damp problems and water proof the entire area.
  • Renovating your home is expensive so try and stick to your budget.  By reusing bath, tiles or other fittings will minimise the cost of replacing all of the fittings.
  • Choose a theme for your bathroom incorporate colours and texture to bring your ideal bathroom to life. Accessories can highlight your bathroom and add to the style you are looking to create.
  • Utilise your space: large, open spaced bathrooms can be created effectively by using larger tiles, mirrors, neutral colours which will broaden the space.
  • Adding warmth to your bathroom will emphasise the need to relax and unwind in your newly created bathroom.
  • Going green is key so by switching your old taps and shower heads with water saving appliances will minimise the waste of water.

Any renovations to your home need careful planning but in the end it is worthwhile. Extending your home loan or by applying for a bond will help you should you require financial support. The key is to consider every detail and consult with an experienced designer to assist you with fulfilling your dream house! By Adriana Levi

Granite counter tops

Granite counter tops

Possible the most effective way of improving both the vale of you home and the visual appeal of your kitchen is to replace your kitchen counter tops with granite. Replacing with granite is as close to a kitchen renovation as you will get for the money.

Granite kitchen tops can be installed with a minimum of fuss and in most cases without any demolition at all. The granite tops thickness is selected from the measurement of your existing counter tops and the process of installing them is fast and simple.

An average size kitchen can be completely reinvented in 1 or 2 days by installing new granite counter tops. Mess is kept to a minimum as you are simply removing the old tops and replacing with the new ones. Tiles do not need to be removed or cupboards removed and they are secured using adhesives.

The new granite counter tops are heavy and once in place it is not necessary to use screws or brackets to keep them in place.

Advantages of using Granite tops

  • Increases the value of your home
  • Heat, scratch and stain resistant
  • Diverse colour range
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Low maintenance

Granite is natural stone and comes in a range of beautiful colours from earthy and interesting to stark white and clinical. One thing to be aware of is that you will love your new granite tops so much you are likely to want to put them into your bathrooms as well.

Replacing your kitchen counter tops with granite and replacing your kitchen cupboard doors yourself is a very economical way of upgrading your kitchen and adding value to your home.