Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Renovating a kitchen can transform your home into a modern, stylish masterpiece that adds tremendous value to your home and it may be well worth your while, particularly if your home is older than 15 years, to knock out a wall or two to make your kitchen a part of your entertaining area.

Walls create passages and limit space but by selecting your kitchen cabinets, sink area, flooring and tiling carefully you can enhance your entire home while improving your kitchen and living spaces. Kitchens are integral parts of the home and a good kitchen design idea is to add artwork to your kitchen walls or adjoining walls to bring your kitchen into the room like this very good example of a modern and very stylish kitchen.

art in the kitchenNote the use of downlighters in a different colour to add a nice artistic flair to the kitchen. Here the art and lamp on the counter allows the counter top to be used as a workspace or eating area. Kitchen ideas that make the best use of available space are all the rage right now as homes become smaller and demand the efficient use of space. Many people are concerned about the food smells that will permeate the home but this is very effectively dealt with using new technology extractor fans that are both silent and extremely effective.

This kitchen is a very good example of a design that maximizes space and at the same time adds value to a home. The simple use of very modern styled chairs and artwork make the kitchen a place we want to spend more time.

Sariga have produced something quite extraordinary in this example of modern contemporary kitchen design and the idea of using luxurious chairs and a mirror collections speaks volumes for the kitchen design ideas that come out of Sariga

The use of brushed stainless steel, gloss white and modern kitchen appliances with a beautiful natural curve make this kitchen design idea one of the best we have seen to date.