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Home Insulation

As winter draws near and the cold begins to set in it is a good idea tyo consider checking your insulation and repairing or replacing to keep the warmth in.

Home insulation has a number of benefits including keeping the heat in and lowering your electricity/gas heating usage. Never underestimate the cost involved in leaking hot air through broken windows, poor insulation, gaps under your doors or windows/doors left open. read more

Solar heating for Pools

A swimming pool solar heating system allows you to enjoy your swimming pool all year round, providing beautifully warm water at almost zero cost after installation and without putting any strain on the electricity grid.

Solar heating system for pools are vary quite significantly and of course the most important aspect is the longevity of the pool solar water heating system. All to often the cheapest system is not the most effective in the long run but it is still important to do the calculations on a cost per year basis. It is very important to take a look at the solar system warranty and exactly what it covers.