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Alternative to home mortgage finance

An alternative to Bond finance geared at small business owners. Small to medium business owners are finding it more and more difficult to qualify for bonds from South African banks who are desperately afraid of the high failure rate of new businesses in South Africa.

Banks are risk averse these days that if you are self employed, in a sales position without a fixed salary or any other employment where you have no guaranteed fixed amount of income, getting a bond is becoming almost impossible, even with large deposits and security, Crazy as it may seem, this is the reality of the home loan market.

Consolidating debt using your Bond account

debt consolidationIf you are labouring under numerous different debt repayments that are high interest short term loans like clothing accounts, short term loans, vehicle finance or just owe someone you know money that you would really like to pay back as soon as possible then consolidating your debt using the equity in your home could be the right choice for you. read more

Low Interest Personal Loans South Africa

Low interest personal loans are almost unheard of these days although if we consider the interest rate history in the last 20 years, any personal loan would seem like low interest in 2000 – 2001 where interest rates were around 20-23% and that was bond rates. Can you imagine what the credit card and personal loan interest rates were (around 35%). read more