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Types of home ownership in South Africa

home-sectional-titleThe most common types of properties sold in South Africa are freehold and sectional title but could be a 99 year leasehold or share block. The most common uses of 99 year leases and shareblock are for holiday type properties where there are multiple owners per home or the property is situated in a reserve where the land is leased from a Government body like National parks. read more

Know the Home transfer procedure when selling or buying your home...

soldSelling your property involves yourself, the buyer, the bank and various attorneys.  Understanding the process will make it less stressful for you and give you the opportunity to prepare all the required documents to speed up the process and have the necessary cash available when required. (yes, it does cost you money upfront to sell your property) read more

Eldo Meadows Lifestyle Estate – Centurion

eldo-meadows-estateEldo Meadows is a fantastic Lifestyle Estate situated in Centurion. The Development was first established in 2005 and has since enjoyed tremendous growth. Opportunities for investors and residents are numerous with good solid rental performance in the area. read more

Home Loan Life Insurance

life insurance to cover a home loanBy law you are required to take out Life Insurance to cover the amount of your home loan and in most cases people simply accept the Insurance that is offered to them by the Bank.

It is your choice which Insurance company you use to cover your life and in almost every instance the cost of your Life Insurance will be significantly cheaper than the policy your bank offers you. read more

First Time Home Buyers Loan

first time home buyers loanA first time home buyers loan is a big step for most new home owners and as a new lender, the banks will compete for your loan providing you are able to show them that you are not a bad risk.

We must never forget that every bank is competing for market share and as a prospective new customer for them, they will earn interest on the first time home buyers loan that they offer to you. The next step for the banks once they have you as a customer is to upsell you into the other products that they have to offer like cheque accounts, investment accounts, personal loans and other banking services. They also now have access to your spouse or children through your account by offering reduced fees to spouses or study loans to your children. read more

Four easy steps to budget for your building project...

It is possible to set up a budget plan to attain your financial goals be it to budget for a renovation, budget for the deposit on your new home or for a luxury purchase but it does need a plan and when adhered to rewards you with what you want. The best part about starting out with a budget plan is that once you have started you will begin to budget and save for a better life overall. Budgeting and finding ways of saving is an achievement in itself, the fruits of your savings and the personal satisfaction that go with attaining your desires is priceless. read more