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What can a Second Bond be used for?

second bondA second bond over your property can essentially be used for anything you wish to use it for but is most often used to add rooms, renovate, install paving or fencing. Typically people use their second bond to improve their homes but what we are seeing more and more of is people using the money from their second bond to settle existing debts and reduce their debt repayments. This is commonly known as debt consolidation read more

Bond Pre-Approval for Home Buyers

bond pre approvalGetting a bond pre-approval before you go shopping for your home is the the very best way to negotiate from a position of strength and when making what is likely to be the biggest investment of your life, the position you want to be in right from the outset. read more

Bond application approval for the self employed

self-employedWith so much emphasis being placed on small business being the driver in the economy and effectively our Government looking to small business to help achieve the 6% plus growth rate required, you would think that it would be easier for small businesses to get funding number one and then of course for the small business owners to be able to enjoy property ownership as major drivers of the economy. read more

Types of home ownership in South Africa

home-sectional-titleThe most common types of properties sold in South Africa are freehold and sectional title but could be a 99 year leasehold or share block. The most common uses of 99 year leases and shareblock are for holiday type properties where there are multiple owners per home or the property is situated in a reserve where the land is leased from a Government body like National parks. read more

Getting a Second Bond – Application Success

Second bonds or further loans, is money that you loan on top of the original bond amount, based either on what you have repaid in the capital amount or an increase in the value of your property, or a combination of both.  If your second bond or further loan application is accepted you can use this money for basically anything from home renovations to buying a new car to paying your child’s school/university fees. read more

Know the Home transfer procedure when selling or buying your home...

soldSelling your property involves yourself, the buyer, the bank and various attorneys.  Understanding the process will make it less stressful for you and give you the opportunity to prepare all the required documents to speed up the process and have the necessary cash available when required. (yes, it does cost you money upfront to sell your property) read more