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Over bath glass shower panel installation

shower-over-bathLuxurious as a bath is, a shower is always handy for those refreshing wake up morning showers, or if you are in a hurry and dont have the time to sink deep into a bath filled with bubbles.  Here we will show you step by step how to install a glass screen next to the bath.  This way you will have the benefit of both bath and shower without having to use extra space. read more

What can a Second Bond be used for?

second bondA second bond over your property can essentially be used for anything you wish to use it for but is most often used to add rooms, renovate, install paving or fencing. Typically people use their second bond to improve their homes but what we are seeing more and more of is people using the money from their second bond to settle existing debts and reduce their debt repayments. This is commonly known as debt consolidation read more

Consolidating debt using your Bond account

debt consolidationIf you are labouring under numerous different debt repayments that are high interest short term loans like clothing accounts, short term loans, vehicle finance or just owe someone you know money that you would really like to pay back as soon as possible then consolidating your debt using the equity in your home could be the right choice for you. read more

Low Interest Personal Loans South Africa

Low interest personal loans are almost unheard of these days although if we consider the interest rate history in the last 20 years, any personal loan would seem like low interest in 2000 – 2001 where interest rates were around 20-23% and that was bond rates. Can you imagine what the credit card and personal loan interest rates were (around 35%). read more

Swimming pool and my property value?

A question that we often get asked is, “will building a swimming pool add value to my home?” and there really is no right answer here. There are a few things that need to be taken into account, like, average property values in the area, LSM of the average buyer in the area, size of the property and a few others as well. read more

Bond Pre-Approval for Home Buyers

bond pre approvalGetting a bond pre-approval before you go shopping for your home is the the very best way to negotiate from a position of strength and when making what is likely to be the biggest investment of your life, the position you want to be in right from the outset. read more