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Home Loan Life Insurance

life insurance to cover a home loanBy law you are required to take out Life Insurance to cover the amount of your home loan and in most cases people simply accept the Insurance that is offered to them by the Bank.

It is your choice which Insurance company you use to cover your life and in almost every instance the cost of your Life Insurance will be significantly cheaper than the policy your bank offers you. read more

Five good reasons to use Debt Management Services

why use debt management servicesMillions of people in South Africa are in debt and are finding it very difficult to service their current debt with the ever present possibility that your assets may be attached by one of your debtors. Debt management is a responsible way to settle your debt over time without fear of having your assets attached. read more

Budgeting to help pay off your homeloan

budget managementWhy is budgeting important? Because if you plan your budget well you could be bond free in just a couple of years. Your bond is a big noose around your neck and although the interest rate is less than your credit cards or vehicle interest, the length of time it takes to pay it off is crippling you with Interest. If you use the bond calculators to see the difference it makes to add an extra 10% or more to your payment, you will be astounded at how much interest it save. read more

What to do if your Bond is in arrears

The banks are particularly aggressive when your bond falls into arrears and if you have experienced these calls you may feel the panic that goes with the thought that you may lose your home.

Financial pressure is a reality that we all experience from time to time but it is the way we deal with this reality that allows you to live without fear of losing your home. Debt can mount up very quickly and it is very likely that your home loan repayment is the single largest repayment that you have every month. read more

Increasing your wealth through mortgage debt

mortgage debtHow can debt in form be a good thing? This is a common question when faced with debt but acquiring debt can certainly be a very good tool with tax benefits under certain circumstances that can help propel your investment strategy forward and afford you the opportunity to use the banks money to grow your wealth. read more

How to reduce debt and create wealth using your bond...

home loanYour bond is an important tool that can allow you to achieve your financial goals quicker if used in the correct wealth generation manner.

Clever use of the equity available in your home loan can prove to be a very valuable wealth generation tool and here are a few ways in which best to use that home loan equity. read more