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Bond Pre-Approval and the negotiation process

pre approval home financeThe undisputed best way to go about shopping for your home is to get a bond pre-approved by your bankers or by using a bond originator before you go out looking for a new home. There are a few things to consider when your already have a bond approved. read more

Home Loan Qualification Criteria for first time home buyers...

home loan qualification criteriaIf you have recently thought that you no longer want to waste money on paying rent and you would rather use the money to pay into a home loan then it is possible to do so. For your own purposes, using the mortgage calculator will give you an idea of what the payments will be according to the amount you wish to loan for the purchase of your new home. Continue to read the home loan qualification criteria to see what your chances are of getting the loan you need. read more

Budgeting to help pay off your homeloan

budget managementWhy is budgeting important? Because if you plan your budget well you could be bond free in just a couple of years. Your bond is a big noose around your neck and although the interest rate is less than your credit cards or vehicle interest, the length of time it takes to pay it off is crippling you with Interest. If you use the bond calculators to see the difference it makes to add an extra 10% or more to your payment, you will be astounded at how much interest it save. read more

Home loans, what are the options

After years of renting an apartment you have decided to purchase a house. You are earning a good income and you would like to inquire about a home loan. What various bonds are available and which should you choose? read more

Costs involved when buying a home

home loanYou see your dream home at a price you can afford, the repayments are within budget and you are ready to sign on the dotted line. Be aware of the costs involved when buying a home.

There are a myriad of costs involved to home ownership that you should be aware of upfront and make allowances for. Have the cash available to deal with these costs as most are payable up front to your transferring attorneys or bank and could get you into hot water if you have signed an offer to purchase without making allowance for them. read more

Second bonds

Applying for a second bond is primarily intended for home improvements and not to be confused with accessing equity available in your bond for other reasons like dealing with debt or purchasing other assets. read more